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Contact us or call 586-727-6855 if you need assistance with any additional services!

Incoming Wire Instructions:

Wire to:     Alloya Credit Union, Southfield, MI

                  Routing Number 272478075

                  Further Credit To:  Belle River Community Credit Union

                  Routing Number 272484108

                  Phone (586) 727-6855

                  Final Credit To:  Member's Name and Account # (Please specify Checking or Savings)


Save a Tree! It’s Easy As 1…2…3… Belle River’s Free E-Statements help simplify your life and help you go green in 9 easy steps. The Paper Statement Fee is $2.00 each month a statement is sent, excluding primary members under 18 years of age or members 70 and older. Once you enroll in E-Statements, you will start receiving statements to your email and will no longer be charged $2.00 for Paper Statements. 

To Enroll in E-Statements: log into your online account and go to the Service Tab and you will select the E-statement Enrollment.  If you have not yet set up your online account, you must call us at 586-727-6855 and provide us with your email address and we will help you get started. 

Announcing Courtesy Pay for Checking

Because everyone makes a mistake and bounces a check every now and then, we’re please to offer Courtesy Pay to our members.  With Courtesy Pay, we’ll cover the checks you write, even if funds are not available in your account, as long as you meet certain requirements such as having consistent deposits totaling $800.00 into your checking account every month. 

If an item is presented for payment and funds are not available in your account, we will charge you the Courtesy Pay fee of $29.00 and pay the item. Because the item is paid, rather than returned, you save money in returned check fees charged by the company you wrote the check to (commonly $29.00). You avoid paying a second NSF fee when the company you wrote the check to sends your check through a second time (almost all companies send NSF checks through at least twice). You avoid paying late fees and possible collection action if the item paid is for a loan. You also avoid the embarrassment of having your check returned unpaid.

Plus, Wal-Mart (and many other merchants) will no longer accept checks after 1 NSF, and many merchants report NSF checks to credit reporting agencies. With Courtesy Pay on your checking account, you can avoid having your checks not accepted, and you can avoid having NSF items reported to credit reporting agencies.

To reorder your checks online click here:     
 Reorder Your Checks Here and Save Money
First Time Ordering Please Call (586)727-6855!

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