Belle River Community Credit Union 


Belle River Community Credit Union is a member owned cooperative whose primary focus is on YOU, our members. Our goal is to provide superior financial service while building timeless, trusted relationships with our members and our community for generations to come!



Belle River Community Credit Union was originally chartered in 1936 as the Farmer's Co-Op to assist farmers in the community to meet their financial needs. The Co-Op and Belle River Farmers Co-op were born during the depression when they knew they had nowhere else to turn but to themselves. Belle River Farmers Credit Union began with assets of $368.00 in 1936 with the Co-op launched two years later with stock shares of 180 families buying at $10.00 per share. The fledgling Co-op selling products at reduced rates and the credit union lending money to the its members both began to flourish, as members demonstrated their ability to serve and support. As a result of the dedication and commitment from the original volunteers and members of the Co-Op, we have grown to 12 million in assets serving over 3500 members.

Today we are a full service credit union offering low cost financial opportunities to everyone in our community! The friendly atmosphere and helping hands of 1936 still exist here at Belle River Community Credit Union today! 


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