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Savings/Checking Accts

Savings Checking 

To help the government fight the Funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies an individual opening an account, adding a signer, or making a loan.

What this means for you:

When you open an account, add a signer to an account or make a loan, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your drivers license or other identifying documents.

Please be sure to arrive at least thirty minutes prior to closing when opening an account. 



penny guy walkingBelle River Community Credit Union offers several types of accounts with which you may save and earn at very competitive rates. Fees may reduce earnings.

Share Account - This is the savings account you open with your first $10 deposit. For current dividend rates click here.

Individual Retirement Accounts - For retirement planning and possible tax benefits, look into our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). For current dividend rates click here.

Christmas Club Account - Earn a competitive return on your savings all year and have the balance deposited into your savings account November 1st.

Stash Your Cash Account - A convenient savings account to save for unexpected expenses, vacations, college tuition or a rainy day. This account features dividends paid and compounded quarterly and up to four withdrawals per year.

Youth Accounts - This account features dividends on any amount of $25.00.  Upon opening the account the youth will receive either an activity book or a young adults guide to money.

Sizzlin' Savers Youth Accounts - This account features dividends on any amount over $25.00. Teens 13 - 17 enjoy ATM cards with no ATM withdrawal fees and short term, low balance certificates of deposit. Teens ages 16 -17 are eligible for Reality Checking with no minimum balance fees, a free box of checks, Debit/ATM cards (no withdrawal fees), online banking access and short term certificates of deposit. All Sizzlin' Savers accounts have special drawings for prizes held quarterly for our savers! *A parent must be a signer on all accounts.

Independence Savings and Checking Accounts - This account features dividends on the savings account for any amount over $25.00. Young adults, ages 18 to 25, that are attending college, enjoy ATM/Debit cards with no withdrawal fee, no minimum balance fees or monthly service fees, direct deposit, one free box of basic checks per year, free E-statements and online banking, 3 free outgoing wire transfers per month to the student's college town into a financial institution, student loans, and Give 'Em A Brake auto loans (featuring interest rates .25% lower than our standard rates, and 10% off Sprint/Nextel regular service plans for being a credit union member.) Also, certificates of deposit are available with a $250.00 minimum deposit for 6 or 12 month terms.

You've Earned It - This account gives retirees age 55 and older who get direct deposit to BRCCU an opportunity to save money. This account features dividends on the savings account for any amount over $50.00. Adults ages 55 and up enjoy free checking with no monthly service fees, free unlimited ATM withdrawals,free online banking and check imaging, one free box of basic checks per year, five free cashier's checks per month, money orders for $1.00, Travel Money Cards for $2.00, and free copies and faxes (up to 10 pages per month).  

 Money Market Accounts - Higher yielding with up to three withdrawals per month.

Certificates of Deposit - Various terms and returns.

For our current rates and financial calculators click here!



IRA’s have always been a great and safe way to save for the future. BRCCU offers our members a variety of IRA’s including Roth, Traditional and Educational IRA accounts. Now there are more advantages than ever to having an IRA. Contributions may be made periodically during the year as a single payment or through convenient payroll deductions. Dividends on our IRA share accounts are calculated daily from date of deposit to date of withdrawal and paid and compounded quarterly.

Start planning by investing today, with help from BRCCU. Contact us for more details on our IRA share accounts.




Are you satisfied with your checking account? Next time you are reconciling your checkbook from another financial institution compare our fees and save. (Fees may reduce earnings.) To open your checking account just give us a call at (586) 727-6855. A BRCCU checking account features:

  Checking Accounts  
  • No minimum balance charges with a balance of $300.00 or more.
  • No per check charges
  • Overdraft Loan Protection
  • ATM/Debit Cards
  • 24 hour Audio Response
  • Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
  • Free Starter Checks
  • YourCU@home - 24 hour banking
  • Courtesy Pay

To reorder your checks online click here:     
 Checks for Less
First Time Ordering Please Call (586)727-6855!




We have competitive checking accounts available for our members who are self employed or have businesses in the community:

Statement fee................................$10.00 per month
(waived with a $2000.00 minimum balance)
30 Deposit Items Free!
In excess of 30.............................      .10 per item
Unlimited Debits

For more information on our checking accounts click here.



Phishing is a fast growing Internet Scam in which consumers are lured into revealing personal information through email. They trick you by claiming they are from the Credit Union or an outside source that deals with the Credit Union.  Below, are some ways to avoid phishing from happening to your account.

    • Don’t respond to email requests that ask you to verify personal information such as username, password, credit card number or social security number.
    • Be suspicious if the email message asks you to respond immediately.
    • Do not open an attachment to an unsolicited e-mail unless you have verified the source.
    • If you believe the contact is legitimate, go to the company's website by typing in the site address directly, instead of a link provided in the e-mail.
    • Only use secure Web sites – those that have “https://” rather than just “http://” (without the ‘s’) – if you use your credit card number.
    • Log into your online accounts regularly to check for suspicious or fraudulent activity.
    • Always report “phishing” or “spoofed” emails to the following groups: or the Federal Trade Commission at
    • Notify the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of the FBI by filing a complaint on their Web site:

Remember, your Credit Union will never call or email you requesting personnel information such as your account number or social security number.  If this does happen to you, do not give out any information and call us immediately.  


Belle River Community CU is proud to offer its members online resources, articles and tips.




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