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Schedule of Fees & Service Charges
Effective December 01, 2013



Minimum Opening Deposit $10.00


Monthy Service Charge- waived if $200.00 is maintained in share account or
have a checking, money market, loan or certificate. (Excludes all youth accounts)
Closing Account Fee (if within 180 days of opening) $10.00

Reopen Account Fee (if within 180 days of closing)


Staff Transfers & Balance Inquiries over the Phone

$3.00 per request - FREE thru Speedy Teller & your C.U@HOME

Inactive Account Fee
(account dormant for 1 year and balance below $500.00, fee charged per month)

Paper Statement Fee
(for each month that you receive a statement; monthly/quarterly) Exclusions: Primary members
under 18 or 70 and older on the date this fee is assessed & member enrolled in e-statements.

Account History or Statements

$1.00 per page

Outgoing Wire Transfers

$20.00 Domestic $25.00 Foreign

Money Orders


Money Orders for Senior citizens (60 & older) $1.00

Return Mail Fee


Gift Cards


Travel Money Cards


Travel Money Cards (You've Earned It Accounts) $2.00

Replacement ATM Cards 


Replacement ATM PIN number


ATM Withdrawal Fee (6 Free with direct deposit of net check or sizzlin' savers account) $1.00

Cashier Checks

$2.00 per check

Certified Check $3.00 per check 

Return or Redeposit Check Fee

$10.00 per check deposited (drawn on another financial institution)

Legal Processing Fee


Account Reconciliation or Research Fee

$25.00 per hour

Stop Payment Fee

$20.00 per item (Checking or ACH)

 Share Draft

Minimum Opening Deposit of $20.00nts)


Monthly Service Charge

$3.00 (waived if $300.00 balance maintained)

Overdraft Transfer Fee


Copy of Sales Draft

$6.00 per item (Debit Cards)

NSF Fee $29.00 per item (Checking or ACH)
Courtesy Pay $29.00 per item paid

Starter Checks

$3.00 (excluding new accounts)

Check Copies


BRCCU checks cashed by non-members $5.00

Check Ordering

$11.86/ box

Non-Member Check Cashing of BRCCU checks $5.00
Additional Fees 
 Skip-a-payment $25.00
 Escheat Fee $25.00
Mortgage Or Home Equity

Penalty for payoff within 1 year of origination date


Underwriting Fee


Business Checking Accounts

Monthly Service Charge

$10.00 waived if $2000.00 balance is maintained.

Overdraft Transfer


NSF Fee $29.00 per item (Checking or ACH)
Starter Checks $3.00 (excluding new accounts)

Check Copies


Reconciliation Charges

$25.00 per hour

Unlimited Debits


30 Deposit Items Free

$0.10 per item in excess of 30 deposit items

BRCCU checks cashed by non-members $5.00
Check Ordering Prices Vary


Belle River Community Credit Union
10636 Gratiot Avenue
P.O. Box 159
Richmond, Michigan 48062
(586) 727-6855
Fax: (586) 727-7460